Transcript Evaluation Self-Help

Below you will find several guides and tools to help you in determining if you have satisfied the prerequisite requirements.

How to Self Evaluate Your Transcripts

To determine if you have satisfied the nursing prerequisites, Texas Core requirements, and GPA, we have provided you with several steps and resources.

Step 1

Make sure you have all your college official transcripts. Advising reports, Degree Works and College Board transcripts are not used to determine course transferability. (International transcripts must be read by one of approved agencies listed on our International Applicants Webpage, before determining transferability)

Step 2

Determine if your GPA meets the minimum requirements using the appropriate GPA Worksheet. If you need help refer to the Instructions for Calculating GPA.

Video of Step 2

Step 3

For in-state coursework
  1. If the college or institution is not listed, refer to the Texas Core Website to determine if the courses satisfy core requirements.

    Video of Step 3 #1

  2. Most public Texas Colleges and Universities will indicate Texas Core information on their Official Transcripts. Refer to these examples of where the information may be located.

    Video of Step 3 #2

  3. Check the transfer guide to see if your Texas college or institution is listed, and what the equivalent course numbers are

    Video of Step 3 #3

  4. If you are still unable to find the course, refer to the Texas Tech University Equivalency Search

    Video of Step 3 #4

  5. For a brief description of the required course, refer to the TTU Course Descriptions

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For out-of-state coursework
  • Search for the course using the Texas Tech University Equivalency Search
  • If you are unable to find the course, refer to the TTU Course Descriptions to help you make a determination of transferability based on course description. When in doubt, we can review the course for you if you provide the following information: Official transcripts where the course was taken, the course description and course syllabus. Complete this form for further assistance.

Video for out-of-state coursework

Step 4

Once you have determined if you meet the requirements, and all prerequisites and Texas Core courses will be completed by the start of the program, go to our website at to see application dates and requirements for admission.

Once an application is submitted and all supporting materials have been received, the TTUHSC School of Nursing Office of Admissions will conduct an official course evaluation. A transcript evaluation will be sent via email to the address listed on your application.

REMEMBER: All Applicants must be core complete as well as completing the necessary pre-requisites for admission into the Traditional BSN Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CLEP scores accepted?
Yes. We only accept 15 credit hours.
Can I take the courses online?
Yes, as long as the courses are taken from a regionally accredited institution, the scores will be accepted. Please contact your school’s registrar to determine if they are regionally accredited.
I won’t complete the 40 credit hours until after the deadline has passed – can I still apply?
No, the review process commences shortly after the deadline so the 40 credits must be earned and reported on a transcript prior to application deadline.
Can graduate course count towards the elective?
No, only undergraduate courses can satisfy the requirement.
If I've taken two A&P courses, but the combined total is not eight hours, can I still apply or do I have to take another course?
There are specific number of credit hours required for each course. If you do not meet those required credit hours you must complete the required courses prior to the first date of classes if accepted into the program. Please remember you must have at least 40 credit hours and 3 of the 5 sciences complete before you apply.
If I send my transcripts, can someone tell me what prerequisites I have satisfied?
The application fee is designed to support the evaluation of your transcripts. Once you have applied, and all transcripts have been submitted to the Registrar's Office an evaluation will be sent via email. Due to the volume of the application pool, pre-evaluation services are not available.