School of Nursing Global Health

January 2014

Jinotega, Nicaragua

January 4th-11th, 2014


1 DNP, 14 NP, 3 RN-BSN, 6 2nd Degree, 5 Traditional 1 SOM student and 1 SOAH student

    Lead Faculty
  • Laura Opton
  • Amy Moore
  • Faculty
  • Saria Granados
  • Molly Lee
  • Office of Global Health
  • Kristin Mauldin
  • Students
  • Hanan Aboukar
  • Katy Britten
  • lisa Burns
  • Monica Caroland
  • Nicole Chadwick
  • Rita Dumas
  • Elizabeth Evans
  • Vanessa Evans
  • Celena Facela
  • Kathie Gilbert
  • Deanna Gtregory
  • Crytal Hernandez
  • Natalie Hopkins
  • Trevor Hopper
  • Jacob Kindler
  • Christine Kratch
  • Lizza Lopez
  • Sharon Mathew
  • Susan Mberenga
  • Adrian Mulig
  • Jenny Murphy
  • Meredith Murphree
  • Denise Norton
  • Tracey Page
  • Serena Skinner
  • Kierra Smith
  • Adrianne Sousa
  • Bill William
  • Kimly Williams
  • Lori Zambrano
  • Ivey Zepeda

Activities Planned

The focus of this trip was to initiate a women’s health program to prevent cervical cancer with the use of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA). Cervical cancer is a growing concern in Nicaragua with one of the highest rates in Latin America. An interprofessional team comprised of 34 faculty and students from TTUHSC traveled to Jinotega, Nicaragua to begin the first phase of the program and to conduct initial VIA clinics. Students completed VIA o 93 woman and conducted general exams on adults and children in Jinotega, Anita, Apanas, and Las Cruces, Nicaragua. Students also educated nurses from the region and then spent a day working with those nurses in an 8-hour practicum. This allowed the Nicaraguan nurses the opportunity to apply the newly learned concepts under supervision of the TTUHSC faculty. A total of 93 women were tested with VIA and pap smears. Nine women tested positive with VIA and were immediately treated with cryotherapy.

Lead Faculty

  • Laura Opton
  • Dr. Amy Moore