School of Nursing Global Health

July 2013

Jinotega, Nicaragua


Students saw approximately 1300 patients over the week in adult, pediatrics, and women’s health. They saw 742 children at Escuela Ruben Dario school in Jinotega. They taught STD, Contracpetion and Pediatric CPR to nurses from the hospital in Jinotega.


7 Graduate School of Nursing students, 2 Pre-med School of Medicine students and 1 Graduate School of Pharmacy student

  • Anel Delgado
  • Bill Derrick
  • Teresa Evan
  • Keri Garner
  • Gianna Guzman
  • Chance Turner
  • Deanna Cantu
  • Brant Erwin
  • Gabby Brown
  • Aaron York
  • Cecilia Murrillo
  • Michelle Ensminger
  • Vaughan Lee
  • Toni Lowrance
  • Reid Norman
  • Dr. Cindy Jumper
  • Dr. Amy Moore

Lead Faculty

  • Dr. Patti Patterson