School of Nursing Global Health

March 2013

Jinotega, Nicaragua

Global Matters Volume 24
Newsletter from the Office of Global Health


Students did physical assessments on approximately 300 adults and children at a school in Los Chagutes, Nicaragua and taught first aid to health care workers and school teachers. They also and visited the health department, hospital, a family with special needs children in Pantasma, spent time with women from Casa Materna.


10 School of Nursing students and 2 School of Allied Health Students

  • Valerie Calderon
  • Kimberley Johnson
  • Dawlana Meloy
  • Amanda Cooper
  • Deanna Gregory
  • Angela Green
  • Suzie Thillen-Cain
  • D’Anna Davis
  • Katee Thorton
  • Jessica Willman
  • Kruti Patel

Lead Faculty

  • Dr. Amy Moore
  • Laura Opton