School of Nursing Global Health

March 28th - April 4th, 2015

Jinotega, Nicaragua

General Information

An international program for students has been planned for Jinotega, Nicaragua for course and/or clinical credit for students enrolled at TTUHSC. Designation of course credit will be dependent upon the individual student’s program of study. Anticipated activities include children’s health, primary care (child and adult) and women’s health opportunities. We will help develop and participate in an educational seminar for community lay workers and health care providers in the Jinotega region based on the Minister of Health identified needs.


Application for participation will be open from October 20th through January 30th, 2015


Will be announced by February 5th, 2015


The anticipated cost for the trip is $775 (includes all lodging, meals, and transportation while in Nicaragua and medical supplies plus airfare (Approximately $800-1200 from Lubbock).

Spring 2015 Meetings

There will be six mandatory pre-trip planning meetings that all students are required to attend between February and March 2015. Each meeting will be scheduled in Lubbock and available via WebEx for students outside of Lubbock and is anticipated to last approximately one hour. All participants will be expected to actively participate in all pre-trip meetings

Travel Information

The TTUHSC Office of Global Health has created a website with resources to assist students who are interested in participating in an international program: